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    The Nitrided Materials10, Ltd
    Chelyabinsk, Russia
    Kopeyskoye Highway, 40
    tel/fax: +7 (351) 239-15-28.
    e-mail: am-10@mail.ru

  • The Nitrided Materials10, Ltd. Will Produce the Following Materials to Meet Needs of Your Production Capacity:

    Nitrided chromium metal, nitrided lowcarbon ferrochromium, nitrided niobium, nitrided ferroniobium, nitrided manganese metal, nitrided low and mediumcarbon ferromanganese, nitrided ferrovanadium.

    See chemical compositions in tabulated form.

    Detailed information on the company products.

    Any proposals on nitriding of all the materials, including those provided by the Customer, will be carefully considered.

    Nitriding of ferrochromium, manganese and other materials is made by the SPHTStechnique.


    Field of Application

    Nitrogen presented in various steel brands contributes to steel hardening during heat treatment, improves steel hardness, wear and cold resistance and it is an economically sound element for the improvement of consumer qualities of steel.

    Nitrided chromium and ferrochromium are used for alloying of highchromium stainless steel. Nitrided manganese and ferrovanadium are used in the manufacture of lowalloy highstrength steels; nitrided ferrosilicium is used for alloying of electrical steel and other steels brands, containing silicon.

    Information on nitrogen application in steel brands is provided in more detail..