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    The Nitrided Materials10, Ltd
    Chelyabinsk, Russia
    Kopeyskoye Highway, 40
    tel/fax: +7 (351) 239-15-28.
    e-mail: am-10@mail.ru

  • Products of the Nitrided Materials 10, Ltd

    The basic products of our enterprise are nitrided manganese metal, nitrided chromium metal, nitrided ferrochromium, nitrided ferromanganese and other nitrided ferroalloys.

    A scientific and technological base along with production facilities of our enterprise enables to produce a wide range of nitrided materials. We produce materials of a preset chemical composition and physical properties to meet needs of our Customers.

    On Customers demand we can perform a job using either our own starting ferroalloys or Customer materials in this field.

    Availability of our own production facilities and qualified personnel allows to start a production of new materials in the shortest possible time according to Customers order.