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  • Nitriding of ferroalloys enables nitrogen to be introduced into steel composition. Nitrogen introduced intro steel with ferroalloys adds its strength, wear and cold resistance.

    Nitriding of ferrochromium, manganese and other materials (ferroalloys) is made by a technique of Self propagating hightemperature synthesis (SPHTS).

    Self Propagating HighTemperature Synthesis (SPHTS) Technique

    The basis for the technique of Self propagating hightemperature synthesis (SPHTS) is an isothermal reaction of the alloying element of ferroalloy and highpressured nitrogen in the reactor. Nitriding of ferrochromium, manganese and other ferroalloys comparing to other nitriding techniques provides the highest nitrogen content of the alloy obtained.

    The process can be used in the systems with various states of aggregation (powder mixes, hybrid systems: solidgaseous, solidliquid, etc.) and it is of a thermal character. A characteristic property is forming a solid product. The SPHTS technique is dedicated to the synthesis of substances and materials, as well as to the development of new processes and production engineering.

    Nitriding of ferroalloys according to SPHTStechnique is a singlestage process, saving time and providing environmental protection. Material pollution is completely eliminated.

    SPHTStechnique enables a considerable reduction in energy and time expenses while obtaining reaction products, and extreme conditions of synthesis stipulate difference of SPHTSproducts in physical and chemical properties from similar compounds produced by other methods. Distinctive features of chemical composition of nitrided products let us talk about their improved thermal resistance, chemical resistance to aggressive reagents and other properties.